Rooftop yoga workshops w/ Lucy Hamel

Join us in this English led yoga workshops on our terrace with Lucy Hamel! Don’t miss this charismatic teacher!
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MAY 11
Center and Balance

An asana that challenges balance will not only improve joints, core strength and alignment, it will also ignite awareness.
In this workshop we begin with the core, and look at how you hold your body, not only in yoga but throughout your day.
Do you lean to left or right, do your hips sit forward or back?

How do you position your head?

We use blocks to help us find our strengths and find those areas where we can support ourselves better. Movement becomes a discovery in joint alignment to efficiently feel the embodiment of balance.

Energetically, think of your awareness as the spot of light in the center witnessing it all. Music will both help you focus and, well… it might challenge you not to wiggle!

Storytelling and some questions from Lucy can call forth the feelings you had in the strength and clarity moments of your life, and bring those healthy feelings to the now.

What does clarity feel like in your body?
How do you answer questions in a practice?

No words are necessary.
Your body, your feelings and expression will say it all for you.
We end the workshop with a guided meditation and your imagination.

MAY 25

The Twists and Turns
There are many reasons to offer your body a good twist and turn. Twists bring a squeeze and rinse to keep your digestive system healthy.
A twist and turn can help you feel and improve your range of motion and balance, while they keep the spine flexible and healthy.
Take a deep breath in a twist and clear energy blockages. Your breath is the life force that sets everything in motion. Your breath is also a swirl!

We begin with props and play to enhance our ability to feel a twist from the skin, muscles, organs and bones and then the class moves into a playful vinyasa.

Has your life ever felt like a twist?
Have you ever chosen to taken a turn on your life path?
Where does a twist begin and where does it end?

Add some music and questions, and we allow the twists and turns of your life to thrive in the poses as soul wisdom.
To complete our workshop, Lucy will take you on a guided meditation to the stars, and swirling light.
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“Welcome Lucy” cost 🙂
-Non members 20€/workshop
-Members and yoga teachers 15€/workshop