Hobnob Family Fun Day!

Hobnob Family Fun Day is an all day summer event in a cosy garden in the south suburbs of Athens!

This is an event for the whole family! A great opportunity for parents to spend some efficient but also care-free time with their children doing activities together and connect with other families!

In this special day, adults can also enjoy yoga & dance classes, separately from their kids, taking some time for themselves to relax & unwind. Meanwhile, children will have fun with their teacher doing yoga & games for their age.

When: June 8 10:00-21:00

Where: Vari Attiki


Family Fun Day schedule:

10:00  Arrival time

10:30-12:30  Introduction – Both parents and kids games “Get to know each other”

13:00-14:30  Yoga for parents (all levels)

13:00-14:30  Yoga for kids (all ages)

15:00-16:30  Lunch break (snacks for the whole family)

17:00-18:30  Dance for parents

17:00-18:30  Games for kids

19:00-21:00  Both parents and kids games, partner and acro family yoga

21:00  Closure/ small discussion

Organisers: Donata Lekatsa & Marina Triantou

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35€ /per kid (4-12 years old)

25€ /per adult

15€ /per kid (< 4 years old)-supervised by their parents


*Prices include all activities in the private garden & all snacks & drinks

** Prices don’t include transportation

P.S Bring your yoga mats, your water flasks, your hats, your sunscreen and a mosquito repellent since there is grass around!

Let’s become kids again & enjoy the moments with or without them!